Good news for Sweet’s Syndrome UK

good news

Update on 24/05/17.

Due to problems associated with funding and the loss of the Cross Party Group on Skin and Associated Rheumatic Conditions, the SCCS is coming to an end on 31st July 2017.

Posted 4/11/15.

Skin Conditions Campaign Scotland (SCCS) is an OSCR registered charity dedicated to promoting the interests of people in Scotland, who live with or suffer from skin disease or skin condition of any kind. They operate as an umbrella group which campaigns along with individual disease patient support groups for people with individual skin diseases to improve provision of care for all who suffer from skin disease.

Sweet’s Syndrome UK is now an organization member of SCCS and will be acting as Sweet’s syndrome patient representative for Scotland. This will give us a greater ability to help those with Sweet’s syndrome, and spread awareness of Sweet’s syndrome in Scotland and across the UK.

Many thanks to the SCCS and Sheila Hannay, Chair and Director of SCCS for this great opportunity!

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