Contact details for Michelle Holder, Sweet’s Syndrome UK.


Twitter: @sweetsfiend

Facebook (Sweet’s Syndrome UK community page).

Facebook (Sweet’s Syndrome UK group. It’s a private group, so request to join).

🐝  🐝  🐝  🐝  🐝  🐝  🐝  🐝  🐝  🐝  🐝  🐝  🐝  🐝  🐝  🐝  🐝  🐝  🐝  🐝  🐝  🐝  🐝  🐝  🐝


2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I am from Croatia. I have been diagnosed with suspected sweet sindrom in 2010. Problems accured again in 2015. Doctors put me through so many tests. The only way to find the diagnoses is to take my spleen out since it shows changes. I do not know where to go and find the help for my health state. Please could you answer me back as soon as possibile.


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