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Welcome to the Sweet’s Syndrome UK blog!

About Sweet’s Syndrome UK.

Sweet’s Syndrome UK is a Cardiff-based group founded in June 2012 to help those with the rare autoinflammatory condition and neutrophilic dermatosis, Sweet’s syndrome. The main aims of the group are to provide evidence-based patient information and improve access to information, and provide advice and support to those both inside and outside of the UK.

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What is Sweet’s syndrome?

Sweet’s syndrome (SS) is a rare autoinflammatory condition and form of neutrophilic dermatosis that mainly affects adults, but can also affect children. The main symptoms include fever and painful skin lesions that most often appear on the face, neck and upper extremities, but can appear on any part of the body. On rare occasions, there are no skin lesions (neuro-Sweet’s disease). Other symptoms include fatigue which can be debilitating; muscle pain; joint pain, or less commonly, joint pain and swelling (arthritis); headaches or migraine; sore eyes or other eye problems; mouth ulcers. On rare occasions, SS can affect internal organs such as the brain, heart, spleen and lungs. Very rarely, SS may be life-threatening. The cause of SS is poorly understood, but it is associated with infection, mainly upper respiratory tract or gastrointestinal; cancer, mainly haematological (blood cancers); autoimmune conditions; inflammatory bowel disease; medications; pregnancy; skin damage; immunodeficiency, such as common variable immunodeficiency; overexposure to sunlight; herbal products (arnica cream and Indian frankincense supplements); vaccination. In regards to the latter, SS triggered by vaccination is very rare. There have only been 11 documented cases in the past 45 years, globally, and you are much more likely to develop SS as a result of infection than vaccination.

Disclaimer & Terms of Use.

  • The information posted on this blog is not a replacement for proper medical advice and treatment. Sweet’s syndrome must be diagnosed and treated by a doctor.
  • Sweet’s Syndrome UK does not promote the use of alternative therapies. This is because there’s no evidence to show that alternative therapies are safe or effective in the treatment of Sweet’s syndrome. Please do NOT use this blog to try to promote or sell alternative therapies.
  • Most of the information on this blog has been collated and written by Michelle Holder, Sweet’s Syndrome UK. Other individuals or groups are not permitted to present this information as their own.
  • Offensive comments will not be tolerated. This may result in an immediate ban.
  • Sweet’s Syndrome UK does not request or accept donations, and has never done so.
  • Sweet’s Syndrome UK does not sell Sweet’s syndrome or rare disease services or merchandise, and has never done so. The sale of any Sweet’s syndrome or rare disease services or merchandise is not associated with Sweet’s Syndrome UK in any way.
  • Please do NOT make comments asking for money or donations, or try to sell or promote the sale of services or merchandise via this blog.
  • Sweet’s Syndrome UK does not work in association with any other Sweet’s syndrome organization, site, group, or social media site or group inside or outside of the UK. Sweet’s Syndrome UK is not associated with any of their activities, and cannot be held responsible for their activities or the information they provide.

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4 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you so much for being a supporter of sweets syndrome. My boyfriend has had sweets syndrome for 6 years and fights the bumps on and off. A lot of test done to try and figure out where it’s attacking. A few years ago we went to the MAYO CLINIC To see what they could do to help him. He got diagnosed at the age of 69 and still doing pretty good. Some ruff times for sure. Pray for all the people affected with this painful disease


  2. I was just diagnosed this week, June 2020. I have had issues off and on since about age 10. I’m, now, 66. Female. They had previously diagnosed as atopic dermatitis. They have prescribed Dapsone. Put me on 12 day of Prednisone till can start Dapsone. I’m so relieved to finally have a diagnosis that seems to hit all issues. I’ve been miserable for so long. Glad to find this group. Florida, USA.


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